How to stimulate receding gums

One of the main signs of periodontitis is receding gums. Periodontitis is a gum infection that can destroy the bones and tissue that support the teeth. There are several factors that may lead to gum recession including poor oral habits, poor diet and excessive bacterial growth.

Gum stimulation coupled with the use of baking soda can help improve circulation around the gums and remove some of the bacteria that can contribute to gum recession.

Mix three tbsp baking soda with one tsp water. Continue to add more water until a paste forms.

Dip your index finger into the paste and place it onto the outer gum line.

Place the thumb onto the inner gum line, directly behind the index finger.

Gently massage the gums with the fingers, working the baking soda into the gum line. According to WebMD(see reference 4), using baking soda can neutralise the acids that bacteria feeds upon in the mouth.