How to Program Channels on an LG TV

When you purchase and set up a new LG TV, you must program channels into the television set. Programming channels into the television allows you to access those channels using your remote control or the manual controls on the television set.

There are two ways of programming channels into your LG TV; you can choose to have the television set automatically detect and program channels, or you can manually enter channels yourself. Both methods require use of your LG TV remote control.

Press the "Menu" button on your remote control.

Navigate down to the "Channel" sub-menu on your television using the arrow keys on your remote control.

Press "Select" or "Ok" on your remote control when the "Channel" menu is highlighted on your television. Then press "Select" or "Ok" once more when "A.Program" is selected in the "Channel" sub-menu. This will cause your television to auto-program the channels.

Press the "Menu" button on your remote control.

Navigate to the "Channel" sub-menu using the arrow keys, then press "Ok" or "Select" on your remote control.

Highlight "Manual Program" in the "Channel" sub-menu then press "Ok" or "Select."

Use the "Channel Up" and "Channel Down" buttons, or alternatively the number keys on your remote control, to manually enter channels, then press the "Memory/Erase" button on your remote.

Press the "Memory/Erase" button once more, then press the "Enter" button on your remote to complete the process.