How to Tune a Toshiba TV

remote control image by Mat Hayward from

When using a Toshiba television set, you can adjust some of the settings to view the programming. This takes a few button presses on the provided Toshiba remote control, but doing so allows you to skip over stations that are blacked out and that you don't receive. The process works almost exactly the same, whether you are using an antenna or cable/satellite connection.

Power on the Toshiba television and the device you have connected to it (cable/satellite receiver).

Push the "Menu" button on the Toshiba remote control, then choose "Picture."

Choose "Tuner," and then select either "Antenna" or "Cable" (choose "Cable" if you are using a satellite receiver).

Press "OK" and the Toshiba television scans for all stations available. Once finished, the Toshiba TV automatically exits out of the TV settings and displays the newly programmed stations.

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