How to paint a wrought iron gate

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Before you attempt to paint your wrought iron gate, understand that metallic surfaces like wrought-iron are subject to rust when exposed to moist conditions. You must coat the wrought-iron gate with a special type of primer, formulated to seal existing rust and prevent future outbreaks.

In addition, you should apply a topcoat of a particular type of durable paint, or you will ultimately end up with heavy flaking and peeling.

Clean the iron gate, using a pressure washer. Wait two to four hours for the gate to dry.

Eliminate existing rust, using a wire brush and 80-grit sandpaper.

Cover the area beneath the iron gate with heavyduty dust sheets.

Coat the iron gate with red oxide primer, using a mini-roller. Smooth drips and runs using a paintbrush made for oil-based coatings. Wait two hours for the primed gate to dry.

Clean your painting tools with white spirit. Fit a new mini-roller cover to the mini-roller frame.

Coat the primed iron gate with an oil-based enamel, using the mini-roller. Smooth drips and runs, using the clean paintbrush. Wait two hours for the primed gate to dry. Add another coat if the red oxide primer bleeds through.