How to bottle cap mosaic

bottle caps image by Christopher Walker from

A bottle cap mosaic is an environmentally friendly way to use up old bottle caps and create a piece of art. The bottle caps can be arranged randomly or to create a message or image before being fixed in place. The mosaic can then be used as a wall hanging, table top, place mat or any number of other decorations.

Bottle cap mosaics make one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family.

Clear a space large enough for your piece of plywood with enough room to move around it. Lay old newspapers or sheets out to protect the floor.

Place the piece of plywood on top of the newspapers and paint it evenly with the background colour of your choice. Leave it to dry for the length of time recommended on the paint tin.

Lean the painted plywood carefully against a wall and set up the projector in front of it.

Place the picture that you wish to turn into a bottle cap mosaic onto the light box on the projector and adjust the top so that the image is projected centrally onto the plywood.

Use coloured chalks to outline the image in the correct colours. Draw the details in basic colour patches.

Place the coloured-in plywood back on the floor.

Arrange the bottle caps onto the plywood. Correspond the bottle cap colours to the colour patches from the picture until you are happy with the general effect.

Glue the bottle caps in place one at a time using the glue gun as per the manufacturer's instructions. Let the glue dry.