How to Rotate the Screen on a Toshiba

Toshiba tablet model computers feature screens that rotate to enable easy use of touchscreen and tablet modes. Your Toshiba laptop screen will only rotate if it is a tablet model, such as certain models in the Portege M780 and Satellite R15 series.

Attempting to rotate the screen on any other model can damage your computer, so if you are unsure whether your screen can rotate, consult the user's guide for your specific model. Toshiba tablet model screens should always be rotated gently to avoid damaging the internal hardware.

Open your laptop screen so it is directly perpendicular to the keyboard and base.

Grip the screen firmly by the frame, not the LCD screen itself.

Rotate the display in the direction indicated in your user's guide or by the arrow near the centre pivot point where the screen attaches to the keyboard. This is generally clockwise. Maintain the perpendicular angle throughout the rotation.

Stop rotating the screen when it snaps into the locks after turning 180 degrees.