How Do I Replace the Battery in a Chopard Happy Diamond Watch?

The Happy Diamond watch by Chopard is a luxury women's watch that comes in dress or sports styles. The watch typically features a stainless steel case and diamonds on the dial, bracelet or case, and it can be purchased online, at high-end department stores or other authorised Chopard retailers.

Changing the battery in a Happy Diamond watch requires the use of a case-back wrench or a standard screwdriver.

Turn the watch over and place it face down on a soft cloth or towel.

Look at the back of the watch, called the case back. If it is smooth with a small indent on the side, the case back is called a snapback case. If it has small slots, it is called a screw-back case.

Place the edge of the screwdriver into the indent on the side of the watch for a snapback case. Wiggle the blade slightly and lift up, which will cause the case back to pop up and off.

Set the tips of a case-back wrench, which can be found at most watch repair stores, into the slots if the watch has a screw-back case. Turn the wrench in a counterclockwise motion. This will open the slots and allow the case back to be lifted off the watch.

Take out the old watch battery and place a new watch battery inside the watch. Use the old battery as a guide to buy a new one, if necessary. Watch batteries can be purchased at many hardware stores, jewellery stores, watch repair stores or any other stores that typically sell batteries.

Put the case back on the watch. Line up the indents on a snapback case and press the case back until it pops into place. Place the tips of the case-back wrench back into the slots and turn the wrench in a clockwise motion to close.

Reset the watch.