How to restore an eMachine with Windows XP to the factory settings

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Windows XP has a built-in feature to restore your eMachine. System Recovery stores all the factory settings in a separate partition on your eMachine. Microsoft's decision to create a separate partition makes restoring the computer an easy process and requires no special disks.

System Recovery will erase all downloaded and saved information and wipe your hard drive clean. This is especially useful for when your computer becomes infected with malicious spyware or viruses. Learn how to use the System Recovery function properly to ensure your computer is clean and restored.

Close any open programs or applications.

Go to "Start" and then "All Programs". This will display all currently installed programs and applications.

Locate the folder that says "PC Help & Tools" or "PC Tools". The folder name will depend on the model of your eMachine.

Select "System Recovery" within the folder. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm you want to begin the System Recovery. Your computer will boot in "recovery" mode now.

Allow the System Recovery program to run. When finished, the computer will reboot to the restored factory settings.