DIY Decorating for a Teen Girl's Bedroom

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The design of a teenage girl's bedroom can vary greatly, depending on the interests and personality of the girl. Updating a girl's childhood bedroom to better reflect her current, young adult status will make the her feel more at home in her room and give her a room that is an expression of herself.

Work closely with the teenage girl to come up with inspiration and then design a room that fits her best.

Consult home design magazines with the teenage girl for inspiration. Go through the pictures, tearing out those that appeal to her. Looking at the pages you have torn out, determine what colour scheme, type of furniture and kinds of smaller decor items, such as wall art or area rugs, the teen is drawn to. Based on these findings, make a list with the colour scheme, furniture and decor items you will look for to decorate.

Ask the teenage girl to make a separate list of her favourite activities, hobbies and public figures, such as recording artists, actors or athletes.

Keep the torn-out magazine pages and notes in a binder so you can take your inspiration materials with you to shop for supplies and decor items.

Remove any furniture, bedding, rugs and other items from the room that you will replace with new items. Put any old photos, artwork and samples of schoolwork the teenager no longer wants to display in storage. Donate toys to local charities, keeping old favourites in storage.

Repaint the room in the chosen colour scheme. Lay plastic tarp and tape masking tape along the bottom of the baseboard to make straight lines. Paint over existing paint with paint from the chosen colour scheme, using a coat of primer if the new colour is lighter than the old colour. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Purchase new furniture items the teenager will need as she advances in her studies: a desk, desk chair and bookcase, using the inspiration binder to select the desired styles. Select a new comforter and corresponding sheets as well as an area rug to complement the new colour scheme, looking for styles and patterns that fit within the ideas found in the inspiration binder.

Hang a notice board on the wall above the desk to give the teenager the freedom to decorate with items such as postcards or photographs she collects. Purchase picture frames in neutral colours or colours reflecting or complementing the colour scheme. Encourage the teenager to fill the frames with pictures of friends and family.

Purchase additional decor items such as posters, figurines, clocks, candles, vases or framed art that reflect the favourites indicated in the teenager's list.