How to Make the Snow Leopard Happy in "Zoo Tycoon"

snow leopard image by Steve Mutch from

The PC game by Microsoft, "Zoo Tycoon" is a simulator game that allows the player to build, run and populate their very own zoo. In addition to making your zoo visitors happy enough to want to return, you also have to make your exhibit animals happy. One of the more picky animals is the Snow Leopard.

Getting the terrain, exhibit decorations and plants at just the right amount to make your Leopards happy can be done in a few very easy steps.

Open the options menu in "Zoo Tycoon" and enter build mode. This will pause the game so the status of Snow Leopards happiness can be checked.

Click on any Snow Leopard in the exhibit. The Exhibit bar should be level 90. If it is not at 90, add more Himalayan Pine trees, rocks and a snow cave. If the exhibit land is flat, raise a small portion of the terrain. Snow Leopards love partially heightened terrain. Snow Leopards also need half of their exhibit to be snow and half of it dirt.

Check the second bar on the happiness menu, which demonstrates the Snow Leopards' health level and should also be level 90. If it is not, click on the employee menu and select "hire zookeeper."

Check happiness levels occasionally to see if they stay at level 90. Adjust terrain, decor and zookeepers as needed to retain the happiness level.