How to Make a Booklet in Publisher 2007

Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

Instructions for office equipment, stories for small hands, or handouts for presentations are likely candidates for the small book, or booklet, format. Microsoft Publisher 2007’s templates are a rapid way to develop booklets. Publisher is a desktop publishing program.

Publisher’s strengths are merging text and graphics in a document layout, not word processing or picture editing. It is best to have your main text and pictures ready to go before starting Publisher.

Open Publisher. When Publisher opens, a tri-task pane appears so you can choose a document template or a blank page. Using a template makes formatting your booklet very quick. The "Catalogs" category has a number of templates, although you can choose any existing template in Publisher or start a new, blank publication.

Click on “Catalogs” in the left task pane under Publication Types. Double-click on “Accessory Bar” in the middle task pane under Classic Designs. The Accessory Bar template opens with eight pages for you to modify.

Modify the text contents by clicking on any of the text boxes on the page and typing in new content. You can also copy and paste text from a word processor like Microsoft Word. Select and copy your booklet text from the word processing program. Return to Publisher and click on “Edit” in the toolbar. Click “Paste Special” to bring up the Paste Special dialogue box. Choose an option in the dialogue box for the type of text you are adding to Publisher, such as a Word document or a HTML file. Click “OK” to add the text to Publisher. Format the text by selecting text and choosing the font and other options from the toolbar.

Drag text around the screen by using your mouse. You can change the text box size by clicking on the text box’s dashed lines and making handles appear. Click and hold the mouse button on the handles until the mouse cursor changes to an arrow. Change the text box size by dragging the handles. You can also move the box by moving your mouse over the text box’s dashed-line edges. When the mouse cursor turns into a four-headed arrow, drag the text box to a new location.

Change pictures and graphics in the template by clicking on a graphic. The picture toolbar appears in the publication window. Click on the “Insert Picture” icon on the left side of the toolbar to change the graphic. You can add pictures by copying and pasting as with text or click on “Insert” from the main toolbar, and then clicking “Picture.” Continue making changes to your booklet until complete.

Save your publication by clicking on “File” and “Save.” In the Save dialogue box, give the document a name and click “Save.” Before printing, look at the publication to see what it will look like printed. Click on “File” and then click “Print Preview.” Make adjustments in your booklet, and then print by clicking on “File” and then “Print.”