Troubleshooting a JVC CRT TV

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The JVC CRT TV was one of the first rear projection TVs and displays deep black colours. Your cathode ray tube (CRT) uses three colour tubes, which work together to produce quality pictures when aligned correctly. Although JVC no longer manufactures this TV, it still offers accessories such as the remote control.

You can troubleshoot your JVC CRT TV if issues arise, then continue enjoying quality pictures, saving time and money.

Mix the TV show types you watch to avoid "burn-in" on your JVC CRT TV. "Burn-in" can happen when you have fixed images displayed on your TV screen for a long stretch of time. You will see a faint ghost image permanently on your screen.

Replace the batteries if your remote control will not operate or has limited operating functions. Try to replace the batteries in less than three minutes so you don't lose the remote control's settings. Install two AA batteries in your remote control by turning the remote over and sliding the cover towards the bottom. Place the negative ("-") end into the unit, matching the labelled "-" of the battery compartment, and then place the positive ("+") battery in, matching the labelled "+." Slide the battery cover into place.

Check to see if the TV power cord became loose or unplugged from the wall outlet if you have no television power, then plug the power cord in firmly. Check other electric appliances to see if you have a power failure in your area.

Adjust the tint and colour if you notice poor colour quality on your TV. Press the "Menu" button, then press the up or down arrows to access the colour, tint, picture, detail and brightness adjustments. Move the slide from left to right to adjust the tint, the picture's red and green levels. Move the colour slide from left to right to adjust how subtle or vivid the colours appear. Press the "Menu" button after you have finished.

Turn the Video Status mode to the correct setting if you see poor colour quality on your TV screen. Press the up or down arrow buttons to change the mode or press the "Video Status" button each time you want to change the mode. Choose "Game" to play video games connected to your JVC TV, "Theater" to create a film-like look when watching a video in a darkened room, "Dynamic" to display vivid pictures in a brightened room and "Standard" mode to reset your JVC CRT TV picture to factory settings.