How do I remove dried hot glue from fabric?

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Hot glue is a strong adhesive that can hold a wide variety of materials together. Since you apply it with a heated glue gun, the glue is very soft and can drip, yet hot glue dries quicker than other types of glue. If you accidentally get hot glue on fabric, however, it's not a disaster. Although hot glue appears difficult to remove, you can separate it from the fabric safely without ruining the fabric.

Use tweezers to grab the hot glue and pull it gently off the fabric. Dried hot glue will peel off smooth fabrics, but do not force the glue if it does not peel away easily. Fabrics that may resist peeling include wool, fleece, burlap and terry cloth.

Place the fabric in the freezer. If you cannot fit the fabric in the freezer, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and lay it directly on the dried hot glue. The coldness will make the glue brittle.

Scrape the chilled glue off the fabric with a butter knife. Work quickly so the glue does not thaw. If the hot glue does not come off the fabric completely, you can remove it with a hot iron.

Lay the fabric on an ironing board. Cover the glue on the fabric with a brown paper bag.

Press a hot iron on the brown paper bag for 20 seconds. Do not use the steam setting on the iron.

Remove the iron and lift the paper bag from the fabric. Some of the glue residue will remain on the bag. Reposition the paper bag so a clean section covers the remaining glue and iron the bag again. Repeat until all of the glue has transferred to the paper bag.

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