How to pair a sky card to a new box

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When Sky is installed, the installation engineer pairs the registered viewing card with the Sky box. This enables the Sky box and the purchased features, and causes the correct channels to be broadcast to the box.

It is possible to change the Sky box that a card is registered too, either by paying Sky to send an engineer, or by reprogramming the box yourself. This is relatively simple to do, and requires only the viewing card, Sky box (plugged into a TV) and Sky remote control.

Turn on the television and Sky box.

Press "Services."

Press "4."

Press “0” and then “1.” Press “Select.” This should launch an installer menu.

Press “6” to launch “New Installation.”

Follow the on-screen instructions. The system will perform a scan and then a call back. Ensure your viewing card is in the sky box, and the sky box is connected to a telephone line before this takes place.