How to Copy a SIM Card to a PC

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The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in a cell phone is an electronic storage device that contains phone book records, text messages, multimedia files and an IMSI number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), which is a unique identifier for a user. A SIM card reader can be used to copy contents of a SIM card to a computer by a connection through a USB port. Applications like "SIM Manager" or "SIM Card Data Recovery Software" can be used to copy the SIM card data.

Insert your SIM card in the USB SIM card reader's slot.

Connect the SIM card reader into any of your computer's USB ports.

Download and install a SIM card backup software application on your computer (see Resources).

Open the SMS recovery application by double-clicking a shortcut icon created on your desktop after its installation.

Click the "Copy" button located in the left hand side frame of the application. A "SIM Copy" wizard will be displayed on the screen which lists various options for copying SIM card data.

Select the check boxes next to each item that you wish to copy from SIM card to the computer and click the "Next" button--for example, contacts, last dialled numbers, SMS messages, music and videos.

Select the SIM card reader source from which you want to copy data and click the "OK" button. Multiple SIM card reader sources may be displayed if multiple SIM card readers are connected to a computer at the same time.

Select a folder location on your computer where the SIM card data should be stored and click "OK." The items that you selected in Step 6 will be stored from the SIM card on your computer.

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