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How to Run a Refrigerator Freezer With an Inverter

Updated October 29, 2018

When there is a local power outage, a refrigerator/freezer combo will lose the ability to keep the food inside cold. Fortunately, if you have a power inverter and a high-capacity lead-acid battery, emergency power can be restored to the refrigerator/freezer combo. A power inverter changes DC power--such as the power a battery provides--into household AC power. This allows the refrigerator/freezer combo to run as if it is plugged into a regular household electrical socket.

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  1. Attach the black power inverter lead wire to the negative battery terminal. Attach the red power inverter lead wire to the positive battery terminal.

  2. Turn on the power inverter. Allow the power inverter to charge up for approximately 30 seconds.

  3. Plug the refrigerator into the inverter power outlet.

  4. Tip

    If the refrigerator/freezer combo has reached its preset temperature, the refrigerator may not appear to be on when you plug it into the power inverter. Check the refrigerator once every half hour until you hear the refrigerator running.

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Things You'll Need

  • Power inverter
  • 12-volt lead-acid battery
  • Refrigerator/freezer combo appliance

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