How to Disable a Screen Saver in Netflix

When watching a Netflix on-demand film, or even a DVD on your computer, you may get interrupted by the Windows screen saver. This can be quite cumbersome, as you'll have to get up and move the mouse in order to turn the screen saver off. The best way to handle this is to disable the screen saver before you begin viewing your Netflix film.

Click on the Windows "Start" button. Open "Control Panel."

Type "Screen Saver" into the upper-right search box. In the results, click on "Change Screen Saver."

Select "None" under "Screen Saver." This removes the screen saver and allows you to watch your Netflix movie uninterrupted. Click "Apply," then "OK." Revisit the section and choose your screen saver once the film is finished. You can also leave the screen saver active but increase the time period for it to come on.

Leave the screen saver active and increase the time under "Wait XX Minutes." Consider setting the time to a length of time longer than your film. Click "Apply," then "OK."

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