How to drag & drop on a laptop

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The phrase "drag and drop" is technical slang for moving information or files from one virtual location to another. Most computers and laptops are capable of performing the "drag and drop" function.

This function is an efficient alternative to manually "copying and pasting" files in order to transport them from one location to another.

Identify the file or application that you wish to move. There is no need to "open" the file since the "drag and drop" function eliminates the need for manual file relocation. You may, however, need to search through the files and applications listed on your desktop or hard drive folders to locate the desired file.

Use your built-in or external mouse to place the movable cursor arrow on your screen over the file, text or application that you intend to move. If you are using a "built-in" laptop mouse, you can control the cursor arrow by moving your fingers back and forth across the built-in "mouse pad" located below your keyboard.

Use the "left-click" function on your external or built-in mouse while your cursor is hovering over top of the file that is to be moved. Hold the mouse key down and "drag" the file to its intended location by moving your mouse. Once the file is hovering over the folder, drive or other deposit location, release the mouse button. Your file has now been "dragged and dropped" into its new intended location.