How to Update My Lexus' Navigation

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To install the right update navigation for your Lexus, you must know the model, year and generation of the navigation system that is currently installed in your vehicle. There are six generations of hardware in Lexus cars. Each generation has a different navigation system, also known as Navi. Navi uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to display the car's location on road maps. Lexus updates the navigation system once per year in the Fall. As of 2009 the current version is 9.1.

Locate the model number and the year your vehicle was made by looking in your owner’s manual. Look on the sticker on the inside of the driver’s door for additional information about the model and year of your vehicle.

Find the generation of hardware that runs in your Lexus. Some generations overlap the years based on your car’s model number. Access this information from your navigation Menu. Press "Choose Your Car" it will display the generation number of your navigation system.

Go to the Lexus Map Updates site (See resources) and select "Get a Map." Choose your vehicle from the drop down list provided in the vehicle dialogue box.

Scroll through the choices provided to find your vehicle's generation.

Choose your map update and complete the purchase. The price for most upgrades is £129 as of 2010.

Follow all of the directions to install your update. If you come across any problems with the installation, contact Lexus or your local Lexus dealer.

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