How to Restore Factory Settings in an Acer Aspire Images

The Aspire is a series of desktop and laptop computers manufactured by Acer. The Acer Aspire comes installed with a Windows Operating System and is configured with the necessary drivers and settings to allow the user to get the most of the computer. The factory settings can be customised depending on the user’s needs. To restore your computer to the factory settings, you will need the Acer Aspire recovery CDs.

Power on your computer.

Press “F2” when the Acer logo is displayed during start-up to enter the BIOS set-up.

Use the arrow keys to highlight “Boot” from the top menu.

Select the “CD/DVD” drive as the top boot device.

Insert the Acer Aspire recover CD into the optical drive of your computer.

Press “F10” and then the “Enter” key to save the BIOS changes. Your computer will reboot from the recovery CD.

Follow the on-screen prompts of the recovery program to restore your computer to factory settings.

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