How to Differentiate a Cartier Replica

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Cartier replicas come in several varieties ranging from poor to superior quality. Some vendors are upfront about selling Cartier replicas and others try to pass off replicas at retail prices that genuine Cartier watches command. Regardless of the circumstance, there are several ways to differentiate between a replica and a genuine Cartier watch.

Ask the seller to open the back of the watch and show you the watch movements. Real Cartier watches have "Cartier" engraved on the movements.

Ask to see the Cartier certificate. All genuine Cartier watches come with one.

Examine the crown of the watch for glue. This is a sure sign of a low quality replica.

Take the watch into a dark room or area and gauge how much it glows. Most Cartier watches use something called LumiNova that allow them to glow luminously in the dark. Fakes or replicas often glow poorly or not at all.

Examine the spelling under a magnifying glass. Extremely poor quality fakes will misspell "Cartier" or omit a letter.

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