How to Turn Off the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop

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One reason for disabling the touchpad on a Toshiba laptop is to replace its with a mouse. Disabling the touchpad will ensure that the mouse is the only thing to control the cursor.

Toshiba Satellite computers are designed so that the touchpad can be disabled with the click of a few buttons, meaning there is no need to be a computer genius to accomplish the task.

Turn on your Toshiba laptop. Open the display to allow full access to the keyboard. Wait for the flash (logo) screen to give way to the main desktop screen.

Locate the "Fn" key in the lower left portion of the keyboard. Then locate the "F9" key at the top of the keyboard. Press both of these buttons simultaneously and a prompt will appear on screen with an "enable" or "disable" option.

Select the "disable" option and the touchpad on your Toshiba will then be turned off. Turn it back on by selecting the "enable" option.