How to Reboot a Toshiba Laptop Without the CD

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Your laptop computer reboots every time your restart the machine. If your laptop was attacked by malicious software or you want to reset it to its fresh-from-the-factory state, you must complete a full system restore. Most current Toshiba laptops come with a pre-installed recovery partition on the hard disk. This means you don't need the Windows operating system and other software CDs to restore your Toshiba laptop to the factory settings. Before you attempt a recovery, back up all of your data to an external hard drive, CDs or DVDs. The system restore will delete your personal data.

Shut down your computer completely using the "Start" menu's "Shut down" or "Turn off" command, depending on your version of Windows.

Press the number zero on your keyboard and hold it down. Press the power button until the computer turns on, then release the power button but continue holding the "0" key. This opens the recovery wizard.

Select "Recovery of factory default software" or the similarly worded option on your screen and click "Next."

Select "Recover to out of box state" and click "Next." Accept any prompts to confirm the recovery process, and then wait until the process is completely finished before you attempt to do anything more with your computer.

Press a key on your keyboard when prompted to do so. This restarts the computer to complete the recovery process.

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