How to Reset Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS

Pokemon Ranger has multiple reset methods, each with a different meaning. One method erases your data and begins a new game file. The other method, called a "Soft Reset," simply reboots the game cartridge while in-game and returns to the start menu without automatically saving your progress. Resetting old game data can be a useful method to capture alternative Pokemon or to simply replay the game from the beginning. Pokemon Ranger is trade-compatible with Diamond, Pearl and Platinum versions.

Turn on the game and head to the game load menu.

Select "New Game."

Save at any point in your new file to overwrite old game data.

Save the game first if you would like to keep your current progress.

Hold the "Start," "Select," "L" and "R" buttons while in the game.

Release the buttons after the screen goes blank and reboots.

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