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How to Add Wildcards to Block Email Addresses

Updated February 21, 2017

With the increase of spam, it's difficult to weed out unwanted e-mail from your inbox. Wild cards provide a way to manage and filter e-mail. A wild card includes an asterisk, representing a character or string of characters. You may add the wild card before or after the "@" sign in an e-mail address. You can customise the wild card and check for specific text, numbers or other characters in the sender's name or in the domain name.

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  1. Select "Tools" and "Organize" from the toolbar.

  2. Select "Junk e-Mail" in the "Ways to Organize Inbox" task pane (above the email messages).

  3. Press the "Turn on" button to enable the junk messages or adult content messages feature.

  4. Select "click here" and "Edit Junk Senders" or "Edit Adult Contents Senders."

  5. Click "Add" in the "Edit Junk Senders" or "Edit Adult Senders" dialogue box.

  6. Enter a wild card in the "Sender" dialogue box. To block all e-mails from a domain, type: "senders@." To block all e-mails containing a specific name, type: "" To block part of the sender's name, such as the name, "" type: "sa*"

  7. Click "OK."

  8. Select "Tools," "Message Rules" and "Blocked Senders List" from the toolbar.

  9. Click "Add" in the "Message Rules" dialogue box.

  10. Type in the wild card (see step six of the "Microsoft Outlook" section) you want to introduce.

  11. Select "Mail messages" and click "OK" twice.

  12. Log in to your account and select "Options" and "Mail Options" from the top, right section.

  13. Select "Filter" from the left pane. Then click "Add Filter."

  14. Enter a wild card in the "sender" text field (see step six, "Microsoft Outlook" section).

  15. Choose "Spam" for "Move to Folder" and click "Save Filters."

  16. Go to the "Block Email Addresses" section. Then type a wild card into the "Add a blocked address" text box and click "Add."

  17. Log in to your account and select "Settings" from the top, right section.

  18. Select the "Filters" tab and choose "Create a new filter."

  19. Enter a wild card in the "From" text field (see step six, "Microsoft Outlook" section).

  20. Click "Next Step."

  21. Checkmark "Delete it" and click "Create Filter."

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