How do I Fix or Remove a Car Dent?

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Unsightly dings and dents lower the value of your car. These blemishes can come from anything, such as a small bumper bender or another vehicle's door banging into yours. Paying a professional bodyworks garage to repair this damage can be very expensive. If you do the work yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars. Most dents have very little if any paint damage. Pull these dents out yourself and restore your car's value.

Assemble the dent lifter kit. Thread the long wing nut through the central hole in the pull bar. Affix suction cups to the holding arm of the dent lifter. Gently wipe the area of the dent with a lint-free cloth. Warm up the hot glue gun.

Squirt hot glue into suction cups. Attach one suction cup to the centre of small dents. Attach multiple suction cups to the centre and outside edges of irregular or large dents. Allow glue to set for 15 minutes and bond the suction cups to the dented area.

Attach dent lifter by pressing the suction cups on the dent lifter arms to the car's body. Secure wing nut to the suction cup you glued to the dented area. Slowly unscrew the wing nut until the dent begins to pop out. Repeat the process until the dents are completely popped out if you used multiple suction cups.

Remove the dent lifter from the car body. Apply glue remover to the area around the suction cups. Peel the suction cups off slowly and set aside. Apply more glue remover to any residual glue. Wipe entire area clean with lint-free cloth.

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