How Can I Recover a Visio File I Forgot to Save?

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When using a Sony Visio computer, it is possible to accidentally close out the program before saving the document. Thankfully, many programs, including Adobe products and Microsoft Office, have a built-in safety net to address this problem. Specifically, they allow you to open content recently worked on, even if it isn't saved.

Open the program used with the document you forgot to save.

Click "File," "Open Recent." A tab pulls down with all of the recently used documents. Because you did not save the document the title of the file is the first several words of the document (or the date it is created). Click the listing and the file loads onto the Sony Visio.

Click "File," "Save" and a save window appears on the screen. Title the document, select a location to save the file to, then click "OK." The document is now saved to the computer.

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