How to word birthday wishes for a best friend

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Birthdays are source of joy and excitement. You can add to your best friend's birthday joy by giving her a wonderful gift. Writing her a thoughtful and heartfelt birthday message is a way to express your appreciation for your best friend. You can express these thoughts in a birthday card, put them in a letter or send them in an e-mail. The right choice of words can make any type of greeting you send your best friend on her birthday meaningful and special.

Make a list of the characteristics and personal traits you appreciate about your best friend. Add significant events from the past year to the list. Jot down your hopes and wishes for your best friend in the coming year.

Formulate your sentiments for your best friend into a silly or sweet poem. For example, you may write "Special friend that I hold dear, I always wish to have you near. We get along like bees and honey. Our friendship is worth much more than money."

Recognise accomplishments your best friend achieved since her last birthday. You may wish to acknowledge your best friend earning a graduate degree or receiving a promotion at work. Write something along the lines of: "Congratulations on your achievements! Your hard work and dedication over the last year paid off. Let's celebrate your birthday and your successes in life."

List a few of the characteristics you appreciate about your best friend in your birthday message. If you best friend is funny, thoughtful and kind, you might write, "You are one of the funniest people I know. I'm so glad we're best friends because you're the only one I know that understands our inside jokes!"

Tell her you appreciate having her as a best friend. Add "Thank you for your friendship throughout the past year. I look forward to another year filled with friendship, happy times and laughter" to your birthday wishes.

End your birthday wishes with a personal message. Instead of writing, "Happy birthday, friend," try to incorporate your best friend's personal traits and interests. You might write, "My birthday wishes for you include a day filled with your favourite activities and your favourite friend (me!). To make these wishes come true, I've booked us appointments at the spa and made reservations at your favourite restaurant for a fabulous dinner (my treat, of course!)."

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