How do I Find Out a House Number If I Have the Street?

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It was a lovely party and a thank-you note is in order. But you lost the original invitation and no longer have the mailing address. You remember the street and can even picture what the house and the yard look like, but you don't have a clue what the house number was. Fortunately, there's a good tool on the Internet that can help you track down a house number.

Visit Zillow, an online real estate site.

Enter the street name, city and state (or zip code) in the search box, and click "Go." Zillow will display a map of the street you entered.

Adjust the zoom level of the map with the slider bar on the left side. At maximum or near-maximum zoom, the map will display small house symbols and plot outlines of each house on the street.

Click and hold the button on your mouse to "grab" the map and reposition it anywhere along the street you are exploring.

Click on any house on the map to see a full address, including the house number.

Click on the link for a particular house to see more information about the property. Often, this will include actual street-level photographs of the house and property, making for easy identification.

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