How do I Convert Cinnamon Sticks to Cinnamon?

cinnamon image by Alexandra Gnatush-Kostenko from

Cinnamon is derived from cassia trees in the United States, though the natural environment of cinnamon is in Sri Lanka. Extracted from tree bark, cinnamon is rolled into a stick formation and then pressed and dried for use in culinary endeavours.

It is generally employed as a baking ingredient in desserts like cake, cookies and pie. Whether in its preliminary state as a stick or in its ground incarnation, cinnamon is a fragrant and delicious addition to most any dessert.

Place each cinnamon stick side by side on a countertop or other hard surface. Run one of the sticks through the side of the grater with the smallest holes on it. Make sure to grate the stick over a bowl so that you get as much powder as you can.

Grate the cinnamon stick as finely as possible, so that the granules are as minuscule as they can be. Once you've grated the first stick, continue the same process with the others. Grate the sticks as close as possible to the top of the bowl.

Determine if the grater has sufficiently ground the cinnamon stick. If the granules still look too large, you will need to put the contents of the bowl into a grinder. You can choose either the manual way for doing this (pounding it with a kitchen utensil, a process generally reserved for tenderising meat) or you can opt to put it in an electric grinder, such as the one used to grind coffee beans.