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How do I Erase Smart Draw Water Marks?

Updated February 21, 2017

The watermark appears on the SmartDraw trial version. There is no way to manually remove the watermark. However, purchasing a licensed version of the program will update all of your existing drawings. Once the licensed product is purchased all you have to do is go through the install. In some cases the watermark will not disappear just by installing the new software. In this case you must open and then save the document to remove the watermark.

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  1. Purchase a licensed copy SmartDraw. The quickest way to do this is to download the software from the SmartDraw website. For a link to the download page see the Resource section of this article.

  2. Install SmartDraw onto your computer. Insert the CD and follow the onscreen prompts to install SmartDraw. If you downloaded the application from the download site then click the "Run" button when asked to save the file. A second dialogue window will open; click the "Run" button again. SmartDraw will install automatically. If the watermark has not disappeared from your drawings then you will have to open the drawing and save it again.

  3. Click the "Start" button on the Windows Taskbar.

  4. Select "All Programs." Select "SmartDraw." The SmartDraw application will open.

  5. Open the document you wish to remove the watermark from.

  6. Click "File," and then "Save."

  7. Open the document again to verify the watermark is gone.

  8. Tip

    The Academic Edition retains the watermark. It is part of the License Agreement, and cannot be changed. SmartDraw sells their product for a discounted rate to schools, and the application retains the watermark.

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