How to Make Hair Darker Without Dye

coffee in coffee image by Maria Brzostowska from

Hair dye is an easy way to dramatically change your look. The problem with many hair dyes, though, is the use of chemicals strips hair of its natural oils. Over time, the hair can begin to look dry and damaged. There are natural way to make hair darker without the use of chemicals.

Make a pot of coffee. Use three times the amount of coffee grounds than you need.

Turn off the coffee machine once the coffee is finished brewing, and let it cool down.

Wash your hair with your normal shampoo, then rinse it out.

Put a large pot or bowl on top of the shower drain.

Bring the coffee over to the shower drain.

Position your head over the bowl, and pour the coffee onto your hair.

Pour the coffee that collects in the bowl back into the coffee pot.

Place the large bowl back over the shower drain, and pour the coffee from the pot onto your hair again.

Repeat this pouring process three times.

Leave the coffee in your hair after the third pour for 15 minutes.

Rinse your hair out with water.

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