How to Make a Customized Page Border in MS Word

daisy border image by Maria Bell from

When you are creating a document, whether it be a flyer, a letter, or a cover page for a report, you want it to stand out. One way to make a document stand out is by adding borders to it. Most people stick to the standard line borders, but you can take your borders to the next level by customising them.

Microsoft Word offers the option to use clip art as a border, which easily allows you to make your documents more interesting and fun.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click on the "Page Layout" tab.

Click "Page Borders" under "Page Background." A box with three tabs and a page preview will open.

Click the "Page Border" tab in the box. At the bottom of the middle section is a drop-down menu labelled "Art." Click on it.

Scroll through the images and click on one.

Click on the "Width" menu above "Art" to change the size of the images in the border.

Click on the "Apply To" menu to choose what pages you want the border on. Click "OK" when you are done.

Click "OK" when you are satisfied with the preview. Then click "Save" under the "File" menu to save your customised border.