How to Turn Off Buffalo LinkStation

The Buffalo LinkStation is a wireless external hard drive for music, video and other computer files. It connects to a wireless local area network, removing the need for USB cables, and centralising important data. Anyone connected to the same network as the LinkStation has access to its files. A switch on the back of the Buffalo LinkStation with "On," "Off" and "Auto" positions controls the drive's power. Data on the drive becomes inaccessible when the power is off.

Look at the back of the Buffalo LinkStation. Locate the power switch between the USB and Ethernet ports.

Slide the power switch to "Off." The LinkStation powers down.

Move the switch to "Auto" if you want the drive to power on and off automatically along with your computer. (NAS Navigator 2 PC software is required for this.)

Flip the power switch back to "On" when you next need the drive.

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