How to build an infinity light box

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For those interested in optical illusions, the infinity light box provides an attractive and interesting mirage. An infinity light box can make any series of lights extend seemingly into "infinity.

" Although the optical illusion may seem challenging to duplicate, with just a bit of time and easily-acquired materials, anybody can create an infinity light box.

Remove the back of the shadowbox, then remove the glass at the front of the shadowbox.

Cut out a piece of window tint (or reflective film) that fits the glass. Remove the backing of the tint or film and carefully apply it to one side of the glass, smoothing out wrinkles and bubbles as necessary.

Place the glass back into the shadowbox, with the covered side facing inward.

Adjust the Christmas or LED lights to a length that accommodates the interior of the shadowbox frame. Glue the lights to the interior of the shadowbox frame in a desired pattern (for example, around the edges of the frame). Drill a small hole in the frame that will enable the cord of the lights to dangle outside the shadowbox.

Instead of replacing the original back of the shadowbox, place the mirror in the back, with the reflective surface of the mirror facing inward. Plug in or switch on the lights.