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How to print from a secured pdf

Updated February 21, 2017

The primary reason the PDF files are locked is to protect their content from tampering, modifying and printing. Maybe you only want to print the PDF file to read later on without staring at a computer screen or you are taking a trip and want to review the document during your travels. These reasons are not to tamper simply to read, so, there is a way to un-secure a secured PDF file so you can print.

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  1. Talk to the owner of the document and get permission to remove the protection, or you can take an image of the PDF document and try to print the image. This is not the best choice. You may want to try to convert or retype the entire secured PDF document in word form, however, this is time consuming.

  2. Upload your locked PDF file online. See resources for more information. Click on the Start Now button in the upper left hand corner of the page.

  3. Choose "Edit PDF" and decide to use as a registered or unregistered user. The limitation for unregistered users include, not being able to log back in and work with PDF because the documents will not be retained on their servers. Registering for the service is free and allows secure account access and will save the files you unlock to an account you create so that you can view or print at a later time. If you don't want to register at this time, click "Unregistered User."

  4. Upload the secured PDF file you want to print. A pop-up menu will direct you to choose the file from your computer, then click upload. You will then have an unsecured PDF document to print.

  5. Print out an eBook using a free application, PDFUnlocker. This software removes restrictions that are added to PDF files that will then allow you to print the eBook for use later. Download PDFUnlocker and after download is complete you will see a key icon on your desktop.

  6. Drag your secured PDF file to this icon. As soon as you do your screen may flicker, this is all right it is the software unlocking your PDF file. Another PDF file appear on your desktop, this is the unsecured PDF document that you can now print.

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