How to set margins in powerpoint

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At times, you may need to print a PowerPoint for a meeting or training. You can change your slide margins in PowerPoint before printing your presentation onto a non-standard size paper. According to Microsoft Office, "All slides in a presentation must be in one orientation" unless you are printing notes, handouts or outlines. If you're working with text boxes or AutoShapes in PowerPoint, you can change the margins surrounding your text within the shape.

Open the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Select "File" and "Page Setup" from the toolbar. Select an option from "Slides sized for."

Use the scroll bar to adjust the height and width or type it in. Then click "OK."

Select the text box or AutoShape on your slide.

Double-click the selection to open the "Format Text Box" or "Format AutoShape" dialogue box.

Go to the "Internal margin" section under the "Text Box" tab. Then change the left, right, top and bottom margins and click "OK."

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