How to Repair Damaged Cable for Satellite Internet

coaxial cable connection image by Michael Shake from

Satellite Internet is transmitted through a coaxial cable connection from a satellite dish to a computer modem. If this cable is damaged, signal interference or loss of service will result. If you suspect a problem, check connectors at dish for corrosion and the cable for any lost exterior coating. If the cable is compromised the best solution is to replace the entire length of cable, but if that is not possible, you can also repair the section that is damaged.

Cut the damaged section out of the line with the wire cutters. To ensure all of the damage is removed, cut an extra inch off of each side of the damaged cable.

Prepare the cut ends of cable with the coaxial cable strippers. If using a sharp knife, strip 1/4 inch of the cable to the copper wire interior. Then, carefully strip another 1/4 inch to expose only the steel braiding.

Peel back the steel braiding and push a F-connector onto each prepared side of cable. The white core of the cable must be flush with inside of the F-connector.

Connect both ends of the cable to a female-to-female F-splice adaptor.

Wrap the entire adaptor in silicone tape to weather proof the repaired cable.

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