How to Get a New BT Number

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BT provides the biggest home phone service in the UK. However, it has diversified into other areas, including television, mobile phones and the Internet. Changing your home phone number with BT is relatively straightforward. You can use a variety of means to contact BT and get it to change your number.

Look for alternatives before changing your number and avoid the hassle of Informing all your family, friends and business contacts that you have changed your number. BT gives advice on its website for dealing with unwanted or unsolicited calls if this is the problem. Go to the BT website. Click on help at the top of the page. Click on the phone picture on the next page. Scroll down to "Home Security" on the next page. Search in the "General Advice" section or the "BT Privacy at Home Section" for answers on this issue.

Call on a free number, 0800 800 150, if you are ringing from a landline phone. Alternatively, ring 0330 123 4150 if you want to contact BT from a mobile phone. Contact BT between 8am and 9pm from Monday to Friday, 8am and 8pm on Saturdays, and 9am to 6pm on Sundays. Advise BT that you wish to change your phone number.

E-mail BT through its website and request a change of number. Wait for BT to ring you back on the existing number. Alternatively go onto the BT website. Click on the "Help" section at the top of the page. Scroll down to "I want to complain." Choose the complaint option in order to avoid being redirected to the preset BT questions and answers pages. Those pages do not offer any advice to customers that want to change their numbers. Select any of the options to go to the email page. Fill in the form provided. Await telephone contact from an employee within 24 hours.

Contact BT through the Internet via "Live Chat." Go to the BT website. Click on "Help" and wait for the next page to load. Scroll to "I want to complain." Select the first complaint, concerning customer services and billing. Click on the option for a "Live chat." Inform the BT employee you wish to change your phone number.

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