How do I Care for Aching Legs Overworked?

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Sore aching legs that have been overworked from standing too much, work, walking around all day or from exercise can be very painful. Usually the aching is due to a strain that has been put on the muscles. Almost all the muscles in the legs can be sore at the same time and can cause excruciating pain.

You do not need an expensive doctor's visit to cure leg pain. Treating aching legs at home is simple.

Wrap ice in a towel and apply it to the legs. Hold the ice pack there for about 10 minutes before moving it to another area of the legs. Ice helps reduce inflammation and pain in muscles. After you have held the ice on each sore area of your legs for 10 minutes, stop using the ice for an hour and then repeat.

Use anti-inflammatory medication to reduce muscle pain in the legs. Information about anti-inflammatory medication on the LifeMojo website says, "Anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce swelling and alleviate painful symptoms. However, many of them cause side effects like an upset stomach. It is best to consult a physician before taking these medicines." Always read the direction labels on any medications that you are going to take carefully.

Drink ginger tea throughout the day to relieve aching leg muscles. Ginger has long been known for its healing and soothing properties and has been used as a natural medicine. Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is another natural remedy for muscle pain and, when combined with warm bath water, can be very relaxing and soothing to sore muscles. The LifeMojo website recommends, "To avail this remedy one has to pour two cups full Epsom salt in hot water-filled bath tub and then the patient suffering from muscular pain should take a relaxed bath in it."

Take time to rest your tired legs. Rest is the most important and successful remedy for tired muscles. Lay down with your feet elevated for at least 10 minutes every hour and do not do too much walking around or standing for the entire day.