How to Transfer Photos from a Computer to a USB Flash Drive

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USB flash drives are also known as memory sticks and thumb drives. They are small hardware devices about 2.5 in. long which serve as storage devices for digital files through flash memory. They are rarely used as a long-term storage method given that most USB drives are small in capacity.

Rather, they serve as a way to transfer data between two computers. A digital photograph is one such file type which is commonly stored on a USB flash drive.

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on your desktop's hard drive tower or your laptop's body. Wait for your computer to acknowledge that the hard drive has been recognised and is ready for use. Install the necessary driver if prompted to do so by your computer installation software. This will require an Internet connection.

Click on the "My Computer" desktop icon. Double-click to open the USB drive. This will be distinguished by a label that has the name brand of your USB drive on it. Move this windows to the lower-right corner of your screen for later use.

Open the folder on your computer which contains the digital photo files you want to transfer to your USB flash drive.

Select all photo files by clicking on them once while simultaneously holding down the "Shift" key on your keyboard. All selected files will turn blue.

Right-click on a file that you have selected. Choose "Copy" from the menu which appears.

Right-click inside the window of your USB drive. Select "Paste" from the menu which appears. Your files have now been transferred to the USB drive (but have not been deleted from your computer's hard drive).