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How to Clean & Charge Orange Calcite Crystals & Gems

Updated February 21, 2017

In the realm of metaphysical studies, individual crystals and gemstones are believed to have a variety of uses, from healing bodily ills to reducing negative energy and inspiring courage and strength. According to the Healing Crystals online information resource, orange calcite is a soft stone that can increase creativity and help to open blocked energy pathways in the body. The Mystical Blaze paranormal database advises that stones and crystals work with the body’s energy and so must be charged with energy and intent, and later cleansed of the negative energies they remove from the body. There are a number of cleansing methods you can choose from for your calcite.

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  1. Sit or stand in a relaxed position. You must be in a position that is comfortable for you, one you can maintain without concentrating on it.

  2. Grasp the orange calcite in your power hand; this is generally your dominant hand, or the hand that you use during other charging, cleansing or healing exercises. You can make a fist around the orange calcite or just leave it sitting in your palm, depending on your preference.

  3. Close your eyes and focus your mind on your intention for the calcite. If you intend it to heal someone, picture the person or the illness in your head. If you want the stone to inspire confidence in someone, instil the stone with your own confidence. Your intent will dictate how well the stone works.

  4. Push your intent and energy into the stone. Continue to focus on your goal as you grasp the stone and push your energy into it. It may help to imagine your energy as light filling the stone. Focus until you feel as though you have made your impression and the stone is full.

  5. Give the stone to the person you focused on. The user can carry it in a pocket or pouch to inspire inspiration, can place it on an energy chakra to help unlock energy flow, or can use it in their own meditations for guidance.

  6. Place your orange calcite in full, direct sunlight on a windowsill or outside. Leave the gem there for at least an hour or two; the sunlight will help to clear the stone of any negative energy. The sunlight may also help to infuse the calcite with neutral energy of its own.

  7. Leave the calcite outside in full moonlight on the night of the full moon. According to the Druidic Gems spiritual resource, sitting in the light of the full moon can cleanse a crystal and may infuse the calcite with neutral energy.

  8. Soak calcite in a bowl of lukewarm water for one to two hours to remove negative energies. Dispose of the water down the drain or toilet. Do not use cleansing water for any other purpose. According to Crystal Energy therapist Karen Ryan, the water can transfer the negative energy back into you or into other objects.

  9. Place the calcite in your bathtub or shower when you take a meditation or calming shower. Many metaphysics practitioners take cleansing baths or showers with candles, incense and other purification tools to remove negative energy from the body; these rituals can also remove negative energy from the stone.

  10. Tip

    The technique for spiritual charging can vary from person to person, since the position, focus and other details will vary by personality. Some people may need complete silence while others prefer music. Follow your instincts to determine what techniques work best for you. For any cleaning method you choose, perform the action with the intent of cleaning and purifying your calcite stone. Always direct your intent towards the stone so that the energies will flow toward your intended purpose.


    Never attempt healing, charging, cleansing or other spiritual exercises on your own unless you have experience in this realm. These exercises can easily exhaust those who are not used to the energy flow.

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Things You'll Need

  • Orange calcite
  • Bowl
  • Water

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