How to Build a Cardboard Skyscraper

Martin Poole/Lifesize/Getty Images

If your kids can't get outside because of the weather, here's a nifty activity to keep them busy. Help them build a cardboard skyscraper. All it takes to make one is some cardboard boxes and some imagination. Your kids may have so much fun making one skyscraper that they may want to build an entire city.

Gather some cardboard boxes. Boxes of different sizes that can stack on top of each other are best for this project. The heavier boxes work best for the base but lighter boxes work for the top of the skyscraper.

Decide which box you want to use for the base of the skyscraper. Set it on the floor or table with the bottom side up. Alternatively, if the top is still intact, you can tape the top closed.

Set the next largest box on top of the bottom box. Center it over the bottom box. Use duct tape to hold it in place.

Continue piling boxes to build the skyscraper is as tall as you want it. Make sure to use enough duct tape all around so the skyscraper doesn't shift.

Use the felt-tip marker to draw doors and windows on the skyscraper. You can color the building if you want or leave the cardboard box its natural color.

Take scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut the doors so that they open. It's best if an adult does this step.

Take scraps of lightweight cardboard and shape them into awnings for the lower portion of the skyscraper. Attach them to the skyscraper with brads. Add any other decorations to your building that you like. Top the skyscraper with a small flag.

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