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DIY umbrella stroller extender

Updated April 17, 2017

Tall people have difficulty using regular umbrella strollers because they are normally made for people 1.7 m (5 foot 8) or shorter. When taller people use these umbrella strollers with their babies or toddlers, they have to stoop over to reach the handles, and their feet can kick the legs or wheels of the stroller. By adding your own handle extensions to an existing umbrella stroller, stooping, aching backs and sore feet from using your shorter umbrella stroller should all be gone for good.

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  1. Find an old umbrella stroller. The best place to find gently used baby products are at jumble sales (i.e. a church or youth centre fundraiser), or at a charity shop or car boot sale. You need the old umbrella's handles to be intact, so you can use them as the extension for your current and newer umbrella stroller.

  2. Bring the old umbrella stroller to a kid-free zone, like the garage. With help, measure the distance between where your reach ends and where your current umbrella stroller handles end. Once you know that measurement, you can measure the handles on the old umbrella stroller and mark where to saw the old handles off. Using a permanent marker or pencil, mark where you need to saw each old handle. Using your Dremel saw tool or hacksaw, saw the old handles off the old umbrella stroller.

  3. Place the proper-sized PVC pipe cap on the sawn end of the old handles for safety, so the hard edges don't scratch you or your child.

  4. Place the handle on the outside of the umbrella stroller and move up or down to the proper height for where you would like the new extended handles to be. Use the pipe clamp, tightening the stainless steel clamp and screwing it tight to keep the two handles together. You can trim, saw, or tuck in the slack from the pipe clamp. Repeat this step for the other handle.

  5. Tip

    Make sure you measure the diameter of the umbrella stroller handles, especially on the old umbrella stroller, so you can buy the proper size pipe and hose clamp and PVC pipe cap. To make this project go smoother, a partner to help you would be ideal.


    Because sharp tools and edges are involved in this procedure, please keep children safely away from the area you are working.

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Things You'll Need

  • Small electric saw (e.g., Dremel or a hacksaw)
  • 2 pipe & hose clamps, stainless steel (comes with screw for tightening)
  • 2 PVC slip caps
  • Pencil or permanent marker

About the Author

Jodi Beuder is a writer and marketing consultant based in Reno, Nev. Her portfolio includes work for the "Reno Family Examiner," Skagen Designs and Teamwrx. Beuder holds a bachelor's degree in creative writing from the University of Redlands (Calif.). She has two books that are currently in review for publishing, one fiction novel, and one parenting book she co-wrote with her mother.

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