How to Play Hospital Tycoon

Set in the world of a soap opera hospital, Hospital Tycoon is a management game that allows you to take on the role of a hospital administrator. In the game, it is your job to manage your team of doctors, nurses, and orderlies, and make sure that all of the patients receive the care that they require. You get to hire and fire employees, nurture your employees' relationships, and treat a variety of fictional diseases.

Download Hospital Tycoon online. Hospital Tycoon can be downloaded from several gaming websites, including Games Planet,, Steam Powered,, and Game Tape,

Click on “Install Now” if it appears as an option after the program file has downloaded. If “Install Now” does not appear as an option, go to the “Downloads” folder on your system, double-click the Hospital Tycoon “.exe” file and follow the on-screen commands to install Hospital Tycoon onto your system.

Move the mouse around the screen to move your character. As soon as you start to move your mouse in any direction, the hospital administrator on the screen walks that direction.

Change your vantage point in Hospital Tycoon using the scroll wheel and mouse. To zoom in or out from the game screen, roll the scroll wheel on the mouse forward or backward. To change the angle of the camera in the game, hold down the right button and move the mouse in either direction to swivel the view.

Click any of the objects on the tool wheel in the bottom left of the screen to select it. Once an object is selected, click anywhere on the screen to place the object. The game provides you prompts regarding what objects patients or employees need as the game progresses.

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