How to Use a Caulking Gun for the First Time

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Caulk seals gaps in various materials and bonds materials when applied as an adhesive. A caulk gun allows you to evenly dispense caulk from a caulk tube to fill gaps and bond materials. A caulk gun consists of a frame that holds a tube of caulk in place, a push rod that forces caulk from an open caulk tube and a handle that controls the forward movement of the push rod. Depending on the style of caulk gun, a lever that controls the tension of the push rod may sit where the push rod extends beyond the back of the caulk gun's frame.

Check the handle of the caulk gun. If you notice a lever, push the lever toward the caulk gun frame. With the lever depressed, pull the push rod toward the back of the caulk gun frame.

Cut a 1/4 inch opening on the end of the caulk tube nozzle with a utility knife. If you have an opening located near the handle of the caulk gun, place the uncut caulk tube nozzle in the hole and pull the handle to cut an opening on the caulk tube nozzle.

Slide the awl into the open nozzle to puncture the seal located at the base of the nozzle. Clean the caulk off the awl with a clean rag.

Set the caulk tube into the frame of the caulk gun. Slide the push rod forward until it rests securely against the bottom of the caulk tube.

Repetitively pull and release the handle of the caulk gun until caulk comes out of the caulk tube nozzle. Release the caulk gun handle. If caulk continues to flow from the end of the caulk tube, press the lever behind the handle to release the pressure from the push rod.

Clean caulk from the caulk gun with a clean rag after you have finished applying caulk with the new caulk gun.

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