How to cut tap holes in granite sinks

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Your sink is one of the focal points of your kitchen so you want to make sure that it fits perfectly inside the room and is well installed. Installing your granite sink also requires you to cut tap holes to insert the taps or faucets.

Most homeowners are worried about cutting holes in their sinks, especially if they have no prior experience when it comes to home construction. However, cutting tap holes in granite sinks need not be time consuming.

Use your worktop template to measure the exact area of your granite sink. Measure under the worktop to see if there is enough room right under it to fit the depth of the sink. These measurements are essential for you to determine the exact spot where you will cut your tap holes

Trace the outline of the template provided for your worktop. Use your masking tape to map out the outline of your work surface.

Measure the overlap distance around the sink. Some manufacturers may include the measurements in the template, but in case it’s not provided, you need to know the exact dimensions of the second interior line. The second interior line will serve as your cut-out line for the tap holes.

Take note of the coloured stickers on your sink. These usually come with new units to help locate the focal point of your tap holes. The centre of the sticker will be the exact area where you will cut out the tap holes.

Target the centre of the coloured sticker with your puncher and strike it with a hammer. The centre of the tap hole will automatically be cut out as soon as you hit the puncher.