How to Reset an Archos 605 WiFi

There are instances when you may want to reset your Archos 605. The basic reset is used if the device is frozen or unresponsive. In this situation, you simply want to turn it off, then back on. The other type of reset is known as the factory reset. This is helpful if you wish to sell or discard your Archos 605; it erases all of your personal information and data.

Press and hold the "Power" button to turn your Archos 605 on. Use your navigation buttons to select "Settings" from the main menu. Press "OK."

Select "Repair and Formatting Tools" and press "OK." Scroll down with the navigation buttons to select "Factory Reset, Full Reinitialization."

Press "OK" and confirm when the prompts ask you if you are sure. The factory reset begins. Once the system turns back on, it is as if it is brand new. All of your custom settings and data are erased.

Straighten out the end of a paper clip.

Locate the small hole on the bottom side of the Archos 605.

Insert the paper clip into the hole. After a few seconds, the device resets.

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