How to Remove Bass From Songs

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Amateur musicians often find it useful to practice their bass skills on an existing song. However, you can’t really “practice” your own bass unless you remove the original bass from a particular track. There are a number of software applications that you can use for reducing or removing the bass completely. GoldWave and Audacity are two free applications that you can download. Adobe Audition, on the other hand, will have to be purchased.

Download and install GoldWave from the link in the Resources section. It is a program used for reducing volume and bass within a song.

Launch the application after installation.

Click the “Open” button and locate the song you want to remove the bass from. As you open the song, you will notice green and red bars in the window touching the top of the chart. Your goal is to shorten these bars for removing the bass.

Click the “Effects” button.

Go to “Filter” and click on “Equalizer.” Here, you will see a “Master dB” bar with negative and positive end points.

Move the bar’s slider towards the negative end point for lowering bass. You will need to preview the audio file each time you adjust the bar by clicking the “Play” button. See if there is still a trace of bass. If yes, move the slider further towards left.

Click “OK” when you are done. You will now see the red and green lines shrunk.

Download and install Audacity, which is an open source audio editing software program. Launch the program after it installs.

Go to “File”, then “Open” and locate the song you want to remove bass from.

Go to “Effect” menu. Select “Equalization.” There will be an equalisation box in the window, in which you have to draw a curve to reduce bass. You will have to experiment by adjusting this curve to completely remove the bass. Essentially, it should be low from the start and gradually meet the “0 dB line” in the centre. Afterward, it should remain on the “0 dB line.”

Download and install Adobe Audition, a professional audio production software. You will need to purchase it for about £226 (as of 2010). Launch the application after installing it.

Go to “File” then “Open” and locate the song you want to remove the bass from.

Go to “Effects” then “Filters.” Select “Center Channel Extractor.” If you see the bass located in perfect centre of the graph, set it to “centre” in the “Get audio phased at.” Set the “Frequency range” to “Bass.”

Select “Custom” and adjust the graph curve to isolate the bass frequency.

Go to “Center Channel Level.” Here, you have to slide the controller towards negative for cutting the selected frequency (bass). If you go to negative, it will cut all other frequencies except the one you isolated in the previous step.

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