How to tie hoop nets

a basketball hoop with a net image by Ana de Sousa from <a href=''></a>

Constructing your own basketball hoop nets may have been something you might not have thought possible. But with a few materials and basic know-how, you hold the key to a useful craft. You can tie a basketball net to use to play basketball or look at it as a crafts project for you and the family. You can even dye or paint the net to customise it. In any case, tying a basketball hoop net is a simple task to learn.

Cut the nylon rope into 12 - 80 inch pieces. Use the measuring tape and scissors to make precise measurements and cuts.

Fold one length of rope evenly so the ends are together. From the folded tip, make a mark at the measurements of 8 inches, 15.5 inches, 23 inches, and 30.5 inches down the rope. Repeat this process for each length of rope.

Use the overhand knot method and tie two lengths of rope together at the 8 inches mark. Tie together another length of rope at the 8 inches mark to one of the first two pieces. Repeat this process until the pieces of rope have formed a loop.

Using the overhand knot method, tie the pieces as in Step 3 by using the measurements on the rope. This will make the net go from wide to narrow.

Burn the tips of the rope with the lighter. This will prevent fraying of the rope which will destroy it.

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